In Praise of Harry’s Razors

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  1. Cecile Arquette says:

    I was wondering about that huge razor that appeared in the bathroom a while ago…particularly because of how I also make mock of the 3,4,5 blade phenomenon right along with you! I am actually still using a pivot handle that my friend Ginny sent me in a care package when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon…in 1988. Yes, my razor handle is almost THIRTY YEARS OLD and has traveled quite a lot. But getting those blades…maybe I’ll need to make the switch soon!

  2. edward jesberger says:

    I have an old Schick wjtb a reloadable single blade. The price of these blades is very high as well. I have had the razor for 20 years. I tbi think I too would encounter the the same reluctance as well.

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