When Sparky (Our Chevy Volt) Met a Deer

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  1. Fran Lewis says:

    I have a next door neighbor who feeds the deer and doesn’t understand why I think he shouldn’t. He is one house in from a fairly busy street and, no we are not in a rural area. I’m not sure how large the deer herd in the neighborhood is, but I suspect it is at least a dozen. There was a female with 2 fawns coming around most of the year. The does are huge from all the good stuff they get to eat around here including mine (and many of my neighbors) trees, shrubs, flowers, grass and vegetables. They will eat roses and raspberries so the thorns don’t bother them and they aren’t afraid of people or dogs. I’ve been here just over 25 years and have only had this problem about the last 5 years or so since it has become more built up in the area. There was a road kill right at the entrance of the sub back in May and, the deer didn’t have any apparent damage other than being deceased. Yes consider yourselves lucky the damage wasn’t worse or, that you weren’t injured in the accident. Deer just don’t know how to look out for cars and there are more & more of them in urban areas as hunting isn’t allowed.

  2. Debbi says:

    So sorry this happened to you (and to the car). Good to know that both you and Joel are well and the car was able to be repaired. Several years ago, in the fall, early evening, Joel and I had a similar incident. We were driving home from Kewanee, I saw a flash of a large animal, and bam, we hit it, head on. It was unavoidable, and the deer got tossed over the top of the car. We were both very upset about, the deer, the car damage, and the inconvenience. We got a ride back to Peoria in the tow truck, which was also pulling our car. 😊 Neither of us was hurt and the car was repaired, but it never drove the same.

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